Personalize emails better with HubSpot or through

Personalize emails better with HubSpot or through receives a personalized email

Emails that are not one-to-one are not effective. You know what is worse ? Badly personalized emails. Not only do they convey that you do not care about the customer, but they also convey affectation, which is worse than not personalizing at all. In fact, there is a much better to way to personalize emails. Analyze your customer data on the warehouse and simply load this data onto your CRM like HubSpot or This way, you can personalize emails with data from your warehouse. In this use-case, we will show you how to do just that with and HubSpot.

Data Set - We have the following dataset with two rows on our warehouse with fields such as first name, last name and email address of the users. Two important fields for this demonstration are predicted_churn_probability , which predicts the probability of a customer's churn based on some data science, and usage_change_over_a_week, which represents by what percentage usage has dropped in the last week. The two emails belong to me, but only one - raj[AT] is predicted to churn. To create a warehouse destination, please refer to the documentation. In addition, we have also created two properties - Churn Probability and Usage change % last week - on the HubSpot Contact object by going to Edit properties.






gmail Raj




-50.5 Raj





Next, we have created a HubSpot connection on and created a sync from the above dataset to the Contact Object on HubSpot. The following video quickly demonstrates that and shows that the two contacts are loaded into HubSpot.


Finally, we have configured an email campaign to send emails to customers with churn_probability over 0.7 with a customised message. In the next video, we will show you how to do that on HubSpot, and the next picture confirms the email I have received.

HubSpot email campaign with analytic fields loaded from warehouse through
Received email from HubSpot campaign

This way, emails can be personalised and can retain customers better on a timely basis. Personalized email messages can open up a dialogue with customers and can enhance  relationship with them.

Similarly, we can personalise messages with a connection through Open Source reverse ETL can activate data in many other use-cases. Please enable your organisation with reverse-ETL by simply deploying it from github. You can look at a sync live here. Alternatively, you can schedule a sync at Please contact us if you are looking for any information by joining our community on Slack. We are adding  new features to make the platform more robust.

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