Prompts at a glance: At Risk Customers

Prompts at a glance: At Risk Customers
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We at are launching the first version of the data platform for Spreadsheets and we couldn’t be any more excited. As part of the first release, we are releasing a handful of prebuilt Prompts for the customers. One such prompt is the one pertaining to At Risk Customers.

Customers are the centre of any business (in our case, the e-commerce business). Any company wants to keep a tab on the customers that are signing up on a regular basis. This helps the company understand the direction of the business and also helps them to assess and plan for the future and yes, for fulfilling the orders too. Every now and then companies notice that a few customers place an order once and never comeback again to shop or to browse. When the number of such customers increase, the situation becomes alarming seeking the companies’ attention for action.

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Such At Risk customers have to be identified on a timely basis and these have to be reached out via various communication channels reminding them to come back to browse their favourites and place an order or two. With our prompt, we are getting the data of customers who haven’t bought anything in the last 90 days.

Prompt results for 'At Risk Customers'

The fields displayed as part of this prompt results are: Customer ID, First name, Last name, Last ordered date, phone number, Total orders (count), Total sales (value), email ID, Average order value (AOV), updated at (date).

This information is handy for the companies so that they can target the ‘At Risk’ customers by reaching out to them via various channels and offering them discounts, special offers et al. The objective is that such At Risk customers get back to the application and browse/place orders for their favourite products.

Downloaded sheet containing information of 'At Risk Customers'

In this manner, the At Risk Customer information can be obtained using this prompt. This information can be used to reach out to such customers and prompt them to browse/make purchases.

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