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Customer Data Platform
Track | Segment | Engage with users

The warehouse native data stack for Growth Marketing and  supercharged Conversions and Sales. 

Open source reverse-ETL (Data Activation engine), foundational component for every modern data stack, loved by Data Engineers.


Product Features



  • Track User Behavioral Events real-time and to data warehouses.

  • Automatic Shopify store tracking.

  • Browser (Javascript), React, Http API, Android and iOS SDKs to easily track events.

  • Segment Compatible API



  • Stitch users from multiple touchpoints.

  • Explore users and create custom Audiences.

  • Use custom audience segments to boost your Ad operations.


Engage (Activate your warehouse)

  • Load your customer data into CRM, Email marketing, Sales tools - fast and fresh.

  • Using batch APIs respects rate limits and achieves high throughput.


Extensible & Open Source -reverse-ETL and Events powered by jitsu

  • The connectors are built over the Airbyte protocol. Dagster orchestrates the connectors.

  • The open standards and open source make it very extensible and easy to add a connector of your own.

  • Contact us to have a specific connector built.

13+ Connectors 

Superpower your Growth Marketing and boost Conversions and Revenue

  • 100% Accurate User Behaviour Data Analytics in Google Analytics

  • Boost ROAS with custom audiences

  • Server-side conversion tracking to visualise accurate conversion metrics on Facebook Ads.

  • Reliable Attribution to identify best channels for your Ad operations.

Boost Return on Ad Spend

Identify Best  Growth channels

Privacy & Security

Simplified Data Platform

Automatic Shopify Storefront Tracking

Easily create the data pipelines to and from your warehouse

Visual Audience Builder to create customer segments

Alerting & Notifications for Pipeline failures and observability

Programmable pipelines with functions to transform mid sync

Open source reverse etl (Data Activation) from

Put customer data where it matters most - for the eyes of Business teams


Error Monitoring and Reporting supported by

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