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Embedded Data Platform
for Spreadsheets
Gather | Explore | Operationalize

Designed for Marketers, Operators & Executives to stay in Google Sheets and simply sync data to 100+ tools.

Use our prompts to pull data from tools like Shopify, Google Ads and Facebook Ads and create Spreadsheet Explores.

Simplify your Operations, Marketing & Business Reporting

Target Ads based on easy data access to marketers and Improve Growth 20-40% .

Avoid double markup cost with multiple vendors for complex data platforms and save $80K+ .

Save 10+ hours each week per operator by simplifying data workflows.

$150K+ savings per data engineer by not building or orchestrating complex data tools and simply using prompts.

Product Features



  • Pull data from a wide range of connectors.

  • Automate Shopify store tracking.

  • Store data in your warehouse (Snowflake, BigQuery or RedShift) or a default database.

  • Contact us to request for connectors, including eCommerce and Finance domains.



  • Prompt is a box-to-click to access prepared data.

  • Also can be Natural Language (AI LLM).

  • Filter data on the preview screen.

  • List of All pre-built prompts here.




  • Spreadsheets are saved as Explores.

  • Data from the prompt is made available in the Explore.

  • Analyze, Graph, Share & Collaborate with your team.



  • Automate your Sheets to generate reports everyday.

  • Easily sync your sheet with your Facebook Ads, Google Ads.

  • Edit eCommerce inventory in Sheets and update Shopify store with a click of a button.

  • Edit discount coupons for customers in Sheets and push to Klaviyo to notify them via Email, Whatsapp & SMS.

KPI dashboards & AI prompts

We are adding more features > 

Central dashboard to view and build KPI & metrics.

AI prompts to easily query Customer Churn Risk, & Lift in Profitability with or without discounts etc.

Connectors to a whole lot of business sources and destinations.

Open Source reverse ETL (Data Activation) from .

Most Used Connectors 
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