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The Open Source reverse-ETL for Data Engineers.

Foundational component for every warehouse-native modern data stack.

Simplified data pipelines to delight Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Product and Finance Teams.


Product Features


Activate your Warehouse

  • You centralized all your customer data in your warehouse, through Airbyte - ETL, Snowplow - product usage data.

  • Now load your customer data into CRM, Email marketing, Sales tools - fast and fresh.

  • Personalize every customer interaction.


Easy Setup with visual data mapper

  • Add credentials. 

  • Map warehouse columns to Saas Objects.

  • Schedule a sync and let worry about the data flow.


Scalable to 10/100s of millions of records

  • Highly scalable and resilient to failures.

  • Diff calculation for incremental sync cuts down warehouse costs.

  • Using batch APIs respects rate limits and achieves high throughput.


Extensible & Open Source 

  • The connectors are built over the Airbyte protocol. Dagster orchestrates the connectors.

  • The open standards and open source make it very extensible and easy to add a connector of your own.

  • Contact us to have a specific connector built.

13+ Connectors 

Built by Engineers, to give Data Engineers superpowers.

  • The open source system guarantees the privacy and security of your customer data, as the data never leaves your premises.

  • eliminates the toil of data engineers and simplifies maintenance of data pipelines. Just deploy it and delight your business teams.

  • The trust assured by the open source data platform is unmatched.

Privacy & Security

Extensibility & Scalability


Coming Soon...

We are currently working on these features to make the platform more robust.

Visual display of rejected records during a sync and Certain failed records need retrying in incremental mode

Strong Type System to guarantee predictability for type conversions between source and destination fields

Entity definition support to facilitate collaboration between data teams and business teams

Visual Audience Builder to create customer segments

Native support for dbt models

Programmable pipelines to transform mid sync

Kubernetes support to run on public clouds

Alerting & Notifications for Pipeline failures and observability

Inject checkpoint state for transient container failures

Put customer data where it matters most - for the eyes of Business teams


Error Monitoring and Reporting supported by

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